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Brand Standards
Stationery Standards
Benefits of Documenting Your Stationery Formats
How do you know if your business printer has reproduced that last set of business cards accurately? Is the logo in the right position on your statonery? Do you rely on visual comparison to insure everything is right? In the process of creating your stationery, designers work with you to create just the right attitude and feeling for your business stationery. Itís very important that you leverage this effort by insuring that no mistakes are made in itís reproduction. Consistent reproduction is the key to maintaining the proper format If you have a reference that both you and your printer can use, then mistakes can be minimized. Let Brandon Services help you document your stationery for your organization as part of a comprehensive Brand Standards Program. We have provides some samples below to show you what a properly documented printing package looks like.

Letterhead sample
Business Cards
Business Card Sample

Mailing Labels
Mailing Label Sample


Envelope Sample


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