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Brand Standards
Electronic "Stat-Sheets"

Electronic "Stat-Sheets"
Clipart is great for the casual user of your logo artwork, but when distributing your logos to design professionals, it’s best to use a format that suits their very distinct needs and provides the highest possible quality. In the pre-electronic days, artwork was distributed as camera-ready stats, which were able to be easily sized and reproduced in the printing process. Now, it’s standard to provide a designer a logo in EPF or PDF format. But what's also important is to include all the branding information within the file as well. That’s the role of our “Electronic Stat-Sheets”. Our format provides all color combinations of the artwork that can be easily accessed by any design software, but also includes the color definitions, whitespace limits, and your rules of use. Let Brandon Services help you create a set of Electronic Stat-Sheet files for your organization as part of a comprehensive Brand Standards Program.

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